Saving Eva Businesses

A fire can result in millions of dollars in recovery for your company and halt work for months after. When business owners consider fire damage, they usually focus on the fire itself but ash and smoke may stick around the area much longer. If left untreated, your storefront or office will smell like smoke for years after the fire

The professionals at Paul Davis know how devastating fires are to your business and operations. Smoke, ash and fire damage removal are only part of what our service can do for you in the days after a fire. Whatever the size, Paul Davis of Eva performs emergency fire damage removal and restoration services to businesses across the Eva market.

Trust the Best

  • 24/7 emergency services – arrive prepared within hours
  • Detailed damage assessments, pretesting and estimates from professionals
  • Board-ups for hazardous regions and structural stabilization
  • Green techniques for sanitation ash and other debris from fire damage
  • Air purification and smoke odor removal
  • Thorough cleaning for any harmed items, equipment and other contents inside
  • Removal of water remaining after fire-quenching efforts
  • Reconstruction – when a large portion of your business was destroyed, we can restore it
  • Defenses against mold and mildew with disinfectants and antimicrobial solution

Call your Eva Paul Davis Franchise

The Paul Davis team will get your commercial property back to normal faster. Our years of education, sanitation techniques and tools blended with our experience results in faster cleanup and lower fire and smoke damage restoration expenses. We can salvage any inventory using specialized tools and sanitation techniques, often being able to restore the goods inside your business to their normal condition. We also assist with filing insurance claims to speed up the recovery process.

Let our business help yours. Reach Paul Davis of Eva if you experience fire or smoke damage on your commercial property.